9 Ways to create a brighter happier day right now

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Waking up each day with same hum-drum routine can get you down; making it more difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Everyone seems to be busier than ever running around from one responsibility to the next with no end in sight. But regardless of what you might have going on, did you know that you can make your days brighter and happier? Here are 9 ways to do that right now.

Get up a little earlier

This doesn’t mean anything more than just getting up 15-minutes earlier than normal; do this for yourself. Within these minutes of time do something to benefit your day; you’ll be happy that you did.

Express gratitude for what you have

Whether it’s when you first wake up while still lounging in bed, or when you get up a little earlier, remind yourself of at least 3 things that you’re grateful for. Expressing gratitude creates happiness, especially when you imagine your life without what you already have.


Do something for someone else

At some point throughout your day do something unexpected for someone else. Whether it be grab a coffee for a co-worker or reach out to a friend and say you’re thinking of them, just show care and compassion for another outside of your normal circle. You’ll be surprised how good this will make you feel.

Plan something fun

Having something to look forward to will always bring happiness to your life. This can be anything from planning dinner with an old friend or having a girls night to chat and laugh for a few hours. Everyone needs to break from routine to have some fun.

Get some sunlight

This is can also be just for a few minutes (with sunscreen of course) to soak up some rays and get a jolt of Vitamin D. You don’t have to plan this sort of thing within your busy day. Just stop in place and give yourself some sunlight to literally brighten your day.

Exercise; move in some way

The number one excuse, and it’s a good one, is not having time to exercise so it gets put on the back burner and quite often never happens. But making a point to move your body in some way, everyday, will transform your life in the most positive of ways. Learn how to sneak exercise in when you have no time.


This may seem like the most simple act to create a brighter happier day, but it works wonders. Look around, you’ll mostly see solemn faces coming at you. Consider smiling at those people; you’ll be surprised how often you’ll get a smile back. Smiling just feels good and will make you feel happier.

Try something new

Again, this can be anything! Sign up for a yoga class, plan a trip somewhere you’ve never been or get a new haircut. Changing up your life in some way, shape or form will make you feel good and give you little nudge to continue to try new ventures.


This is no brainer but we often forget, or maybe don’t even know how to breathe with intention. And this is actually, along with giving yourself a few extra minutes in the morning and reminding yourself what you’re grateful for, the easiest, quickest way to feel brighter and happier.

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