6 Foods you’ll find in every healthy girl’s refrigerator

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Getting and staying healthy requires some thought and planning to always have the best food choices on hand and to make good decisions. But knowing what to buy and eat are the first steps to living a healthy lifestyle. Here are the 5 foods you’ll find in every healthy girl’s refrigerator, including mine.

Fresh herbs

When eating healthy it’s important to add bursts of flavors to not only keep your meals interesting so that you’ll stay on track, but to also benefit from the antioxidants fresh herbs have to offer. Some of my favorites I’ll buy each week are flat leaf parsley, cilantro, thyme and basil. Rosemary is another tasty herb and is considered to be a form of aromatherapy also. Tip; when you get home from the food store, remove the band that holds the herbs together, wrap in a slightly moistened paper towel and place in a plastic bag. Doing this and storing in the crisper drawer will keep your fresh herbs longer.


I’ll always have a small dish of saute’d mushrooms in the refrigerator to add to numerous dishes like 10 vegetable quinoa, an omelette or atop of homemade pizza. Mushrooms are naturally rich in Vitamin D; which fights brain fog, depression and fatigue. They’ve also been shown to strengthen the immune system enabling you to fight off illness. Tip; add a fresh herb of your choice and a saute’d onion to your mushroom mix for even extra flavor.



After finally debunking this food misconception it turns out eggs are one the healthiest nutrient protein rich foods a healthy girl can eat. Eating the yolk is just as important as the white part because it contains antioxidants, healthy fats and vitamins. It’s also been found that you can eat up to 3 eggs per day without worry or concern about too much cholesterol. Tip; every Sunday make 6 perfect hard-boiled eggs to have on hand all week long.

Mesclun greens

You’ll always find a bag, or even better, a big plastic container of mesclun greens in a healthy girl’s refrigerator. This mixture of healthy greens includes arugula and chicory in varied colors that will instantly incorporate a wide array of nutrients into your meals. Add mesclun greens to the best chickpea salad, a sandwich or just on their own with a little homemade best healthy balsamic vinaigrette salad dressing. Eating dark greens is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself.

Colorful bell peppers

Collect every color of bell pepper and store in your healthy girl refrigerator to ensure access and preservation to all of the vitamins and nutrients they have to offer. All colorful bell pepper including the green offer up Vitamin A, C and B6, in addition to healthy fiber that will keep you feeling fuller longer. Tip; I’ll add a bell pepper to almost everything that I make not only for the health benefits, but to also add color and enticement to meals because we always eat with our eyes first.

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