3 Tips for eating healthy on the road

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Are you planning a little travel this summer? Whether it’s a road trip, a beach house get-away or a little camping, you can stay on track and keep it healthy no matter where you go, with of course enjoying yourself at the same time. Through my travels I’ve found it challenging at times, especially when staying in hotels, to continue a healthy lifestyle; which prompted me to find ways to combat the relentless unhealthy restaurant outings. Here are my 3 tips for eating healthy on the road.

There must be a plan.

Before you hit the road think about how many days you’ll be gone and what forms of travel you’ll be taking. Whether it be in the car for a long period of time or flying to your destination, having access to healthy snacks is key. No matter where I’m going, I’ll always make sure to have a big bag of nuts, some tasty protein bars and healthy snack options on hand to keep my hunger in control. Eat something every 2-3 hours so that you’re never starving. I’ll also call the hotel, or wherever I’m staying, and inquire about a small refrigerator so that I can store more healthy options during my stay. And lastly, consider an Airbnb over a hotel so that you have access to a kitchen and can make some of your own foods. Quite often an apartment rental is less expensive than a hotel and well worth the effort for the freedom, space and privacy.

Restaurants have healthier options.

Although you are on vacation and deserve to indulge, keep in mind, restaurants do offer healthier options nowadays and they can be quite delicious. Sticking to broiled and grilled with tons of vegetables will not only keep you on the healthy track, eating this way will keep you feeling good about yourself and energized. Consider sharing a couple appetizers rather than a big heavy meal. And going back to having a plan, before you head out, it’s also a good idea to Google the area. Get a feel for what restaurant options will be available to you and take a look at the menus beforehand.


Find balance and have fun!

Routine is helpful in maintaining healthy eating and vacation is meant to get away from it all and enjoy yourself. No one can eat healthy 100% of the time, that would be unrealistic, especially when on the road. So find a balance by keeping some of your meals light and indulging a little in others. Have that ice cream cone and fried clams, but don’t let those special treats throw you off. Sometimes when we fall of the wagon, we tend to stay off the wagon. Instead, keep things in perspective, start fresh the next day and have fun. Life is too short, enjoy!

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