You’ve got this! Improve mental strength; 6 ways

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Self-awareness can be challenging at times and seems to be one of the most difficult things to acknowledge because it’s easier for us to live in denial. But being able to reflect on oneself and recognize our flaws and behavior that might be holding us back, will only push us forward and enable us to grow.

Quite often, we can call ourselves out on bad habits and situations we may not have handled very well, but then struggle to change the behavior going forward. Wanting to be better and making the conscious effort to do so will give us the power to be our best selves. You know what? You’ve got this! Improve mental strength these 6 ways.

Power stance.

Everybody struggles with self-confidence at times, or all of the time for that matter. When this happens, poor decisions can be made and we can be misread by others.

But there’s scientific proof that standing in a power stance for a couple of minutes each day will actually make you feel more powerful and improve confidence.


How do you do this? Stand up straight in front of a mirror, put your hands on your hips with your shoulders back and your head high for two minutes each morning to reap the benefits. It may seems silly, but it works.

Make time for you.

Too often, my friends are so busy making everyone around them happy, that they are actually on the brink of burn out; which recently has been recognized as an official medical chronic condition.

It may seem impossible, but to stay mentally strong, it’s essential to make time for you too. This can be just 30-minutes a day to do something for yourself that releases tension and makes you happy.

If need be, schedule this time into your calendar. Even a walk outside by yourself or a quick bike ride will do wonders for your brain. When we make something a priority, there’s a much better chance it will happen.

Be mindful.

You’ve probably heard this a million times, be mindful, but what does that mean exactly? Our brains are constantly on overdrive, always thinking of the next thing we have to do, or place we have to be.

But if you make the conscious effort to live in the actual moment you are in, you’ll find yourself feeling more appreciative and productive.

Even washing a dish can be meditative, especially with breath, enabling you to find calm and peace in what would otherwise be a stressful thing you just want to get done. Try it. Be mindful. Be present.

Balance yourself.

This is a constant conversation in my life here on my website, but also with my friends and family who are striving to be their very best all of the time. Balance is the key to lifelong health and happiness, that’s just the truth.

Yes, you need to make the efforts to be healthy, but you also must give yourself permission to take a day off, eat a piece of cake and enjoy something you love that wouldn’t normally be a part of your routine.

Not living this way actually creates an imbalance because you’re too focused on one thing. Find your balance and live your life to the fullest without feeling guilty about it.

Get moving.

Exercising is important for your physical health, but it’s also essential for your mental strength. Physical activity has been proven to clear the mind and produce endorphins that make us feel better immediately and for hours following.

Getting your heart pumping and breaking a sweat will do wonders for your brain. The hardest part about exercising is just starting, or getting out the door. So set achievable goals, like committing to a 15-minute jog, and go from there. You’ll almost always do more than you initially set out to do and feel even stronger for doing so.

Take control; stop the negative thoughts.

In our world, there’s a tendency to think negatively. These thoughts creep in and can completely take over our minds while destroying our lives. If you remember nothing else, remember this; just because you think a thought doesn’t mean it’s true, because it probably isn’t.

Our past and what we’ve been through can play a role in how we think, but we have the ability to control this cycle of behavior. The next time you think a negative thought, STOP, be aware, and swap it with a positive one.

For instance, if you think your hips look big, remind yourself of something that you love about how you look. Or if you think of something that you don’t have, remind yourself of what you do have.

With practice, you will be able to take control and stop the negative thoughts. Also learn how these 5 ways an attitude of gratitude makes you healthier.

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