5 Foods to eat for your best body inside and out

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Are you eating these foods?

You are what you eat, period. And over time, making the right choices consistently with food will enable you to lose weight, improve your health and give you a beautiful glow.

Here are the 5 foods to eat for your best body inside and out.


This superfood sometimes gets overlooked because it’s a grain, but has repeatedly come out on top of countless studies for lowering cholesterol. In addition, this very special fiber keeps you feeling fuller longer; which enables you to eat less and lose weight.

Research has shown those who eat oats trim down their waists and lose overall body fat. And it doesn’t stop there. Oats are jam-packed with nutrients like zinc, niacin and copper, helping to keep your skin healthy too.



Having this food on the list is nothing new, we all have heard how healthy salmon is for us. This fish lowers cholesterol, therefore helping to prevent heart disease. We should all be eating salmon every week.

It also is considered to be anti-aging because it fights sun damage and makes the skin look more youthful. Researchers have taken it a step further finding that eating an omega-3 rich food such as salmon every week reduced the development of precancerous skin lesions by nearly 30 percent. This nutrient also helps to reduce belly fat; just another bonus.


If you want to be healthy, eat blueberries! They are one of the highest antioxidant foods available today delivering some of the most powerful heart healthy benefits. Eating this fruit, along with strawberries at least three times per week, has been shown to reduce the risk of a heart attack by more than thirty percent. Who knew?

Blueberries are also good for your skin and their fiber helps you feel full; which plays a role in weight lose too. Learn 6 healthy reasons why you should be eating more blueberries.


My absolute favorite superfood! I’ll put avocado on everything from whole grain crackers, eggs in the morning and my 10 vegetable quinoa at dinner. So delicious! Studies have shown that people who eat this very special fruit tend to be healthier than those who don’t.

Avocado eaters are also more probably to weigh less and have less belly fat; which reduces the risk of diabetes and heart disease. Consuming a vitamin packed avocado also improves skin, helping to prevent wrinkles and reduce sun damage.


Have you ever had a walnut basil pesto? My goodness! Walnuts are considered to be the healthiest nut that you can eat. Why? Because they are packed with nutrients, protein and fiber; which makes them very healthy for you and also a partner in weight loss. Not only do they keep you feeling fuller longer, walnuts activate the part of the brain that controls cravings.

This nut is also good for your skin as its antioxidants slow the aging process and its vitamins, like E and zinc, nourish and protect the your largest organ.

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