5 Worst weight loss mistakes that can actually have the opposite effect

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What are you eating?

Whether you’re trying to lose weight or just maintain where you are, the struggle is real when making food choices; what’s right and what’s wrong? What you eat, when you eat and your mindset all play a role. Here are the 5 worst weight loss mistakes that can actually have the opposite effect.

Eating “low fat” or “no sugar” foods.

Believe it or not, many still think that eating foods labeled low fat or no sugar are healthy for them and their weight loss journey, but that’s not the case at all. I fell victim to this back in the day when SnackWells were popular; I’d eat half a box in one sitting and then be hungry an hour later.

But it turns out, these types of foods are filled with tons of salt, preservatives and sugar in some cases to make up for the lack of flavor. Eating these foods will only get in the way of your weight loss goals. Instead, eat every type of whole food you can get your hands on like fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds combined with low fat proteins to really make an impact on your waistline.

Not eating enough healthy fats.


When you’re trying to lose weight it feels like staying away from fat is the right thing to do; which is not the case at all. Eating healthy fats throughout the day is the key to controlling your appetite and achieving weight loss.

When you don’t eat satisfying foods you’ll always be hungry and will ultimately make poor choices. Instead eating healthy fat foods like avocados, salmon, nuts and nut butters will not only control your hunger, but will also feed your brain and muscle mass.

Not eating all day.

This is another false belief that if you starve yourself all day and eat whatever you want at night, you’ll lose weight. This is untrue and will only cause your metabolism to slow down especially as you grow older. In addition, bingeing when you get home because you’re so hungry, will actually have the opposite affect on your waistline.

Instead, spread out your calories throughout the day, control your hunger and keep your body functions moving by having a protein-packed breakfast, healthy snacks and a light lunch.

Deprivation of your favorite foods.

Weight loss and maintaining it does not occur through complete deprivation of your favorite foods like something sugary or carb-packed. You might be able to start out being very strict, but sustaining that type of diet is nearly impossible, thus leading to falling off the wagon later on.

Moderation is key to long-term healthy weight loss. What often works is staying on track during the week and then allowing yourself something special on the weekends. Planning is key to weight loss and having a schedule of foods will set you up for success.

Being impatient.

There’s no magic pill to weight loss. It’s important to be realistic and mindful because it’s not going to happen overnight. This is why trendy diets don’t work for the long run. Becoming impatient with yourself will only put you at risk of giving up and getting nowhere.

Planning food, scheduling meals and exercise are all great ways to stay on track. Know in your heart that it will take a few months to really see and feel a difference, but will be worth all of your efforts as you continue on your new healthy path.

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