7 Life rules to be your best self

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Just because you think a thought, doesn’t mean it’s true. Sometimes we can get inside of our own heads and over think to the point of creating unnecessary mental health issues. Make a decision to today to stop believing everything you hear and see and instead stand by these 7 powerful ways to become your best self.

You are responsible for your own happiness.

There’s no one person or thing that can “make you happy” because that feeling is entirely up to you. Short term happiness can occur from things, but in the long term you have to find yourself first; who you are, what you stand for, what you believe in, where you want to be and what values you possess and expect in return are essential to finding true bliss. Also making the 10 promises to better self care will take you to the next level.

What others think of you doesn’t matter.

If you can say that you are 100% authentically you then what others might think of you shouldn’t matter. Going to bed each night with a clear conscience that you were honest, loyal and gave of yourself entirely is what’s most important. The more confident in who you are will make people’s judgements entirely insignificant to you.


What we tell ourselves matters.

Everyday we tell ourselves stories that can either empower or discourage us. Self talk can have a huge impact on our lives, positively and negatively. What we tell yourself matters. We can look at whatever might be happening in our life in a positive light believing that we are exactly where we are supposed to be. Maybe not getting that job is the best thing that could have ever happened? Being optimistic and seeing the good in what’s occurring RIGHT NOW will transform your life in the most incredible ways.

Remember time is healing.

No matter what you might be going through always bare in mind that this too shall pass. When we’re in the moment of struggle it can seem like the world is crashing around us and will never be the same, but this is only momentary. Time heals pain making each day more manageable.

Stop comparing.

This starts at a young age, but continues and worsens as we grow older especially with now with social media. This goes back to your thoughts, don’t believe everything you see either. Most of what people put out to the world is based around their own struggles so comparing ourselves to what might seem to be a perfect life is useless. Be you. Love you. Embrace you. And what everyone else is doing won’t matter.

Make peace with your past.

We’ve all got one! And we all have a tendency to hold onto difficulties that we’ve been through in the past which can negatively affect our present. This is easier said than done, no doubt. But working through what’s occurred and finding peace with it whether it be through therapy or talking it out with friends and family is worthwhile to live a happier today.

Stand up for what you believe in.

Don’t ever be afraid to speak your mind, in a kind way of course. Too often we’re so afraid of what “others are going to think of us” or we want to keep the peace, so we mute our thoughts and beliefs. It’s ok to quietly and calmly stand up for what you believe in and when you do your audience should have more respect for you and if they don’t, they aren’t your people.

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