Learn the truth about the sugar-cancer connection

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It’s no secret that sugar isn’t good for us in many ways from tooth decay, diabetes and weight gain, but the link to cancer risk is one of the biggest reasons to limit it within your diet. Research continues, but studies have shown that high intake of sugar can indirectly contribute to that risk.

The sugar-cancer connection is real; know the truth.

Simply put, sugar causes obesity; which is a state of inflammation and that is where the link is created. And inflammation anywhere in the body poses a higher risk of developing cancer. While cells are trying to fight the inflammation, they can end up feeding cancer cells causing you to get sick.

So how do you protect yourself?

Since genetics and family history are not something that you can control when it comes to cancer, you should be focusing on the risks that you can control such as the foods you eat, exercising and limiting alcohol use. You don’t have to completely cut out sugar, just be aware of what excessive intake has on your body and be aware of the 5 healthy reasons to eat less sugar.


What should you be eating?

Consistently eating a Mediterranean whole food plant based diet along with some lean animal protein has been shown to be the best diet for health. Foods like vegetables, fruits, nuts, olives, greens, whole grains, legumes, potatoes, fish and extra virgin olive oil reduce inflammation in the body and keep the brain and heart healthy.

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