Kindness is good for your health; 5 ways to practice everyday

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Did you know that there’s a connection between experiencing kindness and your health and there’s scientific proof? Over 3 decades ago researchers conducted what is now called the rabbit effect where one set of rabbits were touched and spoken to kindly, while the others were not and the results were astounding.

Despite being fed the same unhealthy diet, the adored rabbits were much healthier in comparison and it’s believed humans respond the same way. When we give and receive kindness our bodies respond in healthy ways including reducing inflammation; which is the culprit of disease. It also works psychologically by reducing the negative affects of stress.

Kindness makes you feel good and is also good for your health and here’s 5 ways to practice everyday.

Smile often

No matter where you are whether it be at the grocery store or the post office, look around and you’ll probably see a lot of solemn faces. Most people are sort of lost within their own lives and schedules forgetting to interact with others. Take this opportunity to smile. You won’t believe the positive affect this simple act will have on yourself and others. Smiling just feels good.


Compliment others

Sometimes we think kind thoughts but don’t say them, change that habit today. If you like your co-workers hair, compliment her. If your waitress is really nice, tell her. Say “thank you” and “I appreciate you” as often as you can. It will not only make the receiver of the compliment feel good, it will also make you feel good.

Help others

If you see someone struggling to get something off of the top shelf at the store, offer to help them. While driving, let someone pull in front of you with a nice wave. Offering your assistance to others in need will boost your mood and your health. Hopefully those that you help will then help others.

Show affection

Don’t be afraid to hug or wrap your arms around someone’s shoulder when they might need it or for no reason at all. Touch and affection has power in making people feel cared for and loved. You will feel incredible for the kindness you show and the recipient will feel as good as the rabbits that were adored.

Say thank you

When someone is kind to you show an attitude of gratitude and say thank you. You can do this in many ways whether it be sending an actual thank you note in the mail, making them cookies or inviting them to lunch. Acknowledging someone else’s kindness is just as important as giving and receiving it.

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