World’s smartest water bottle; best gift for everyone in your life; including you

HidrateSpark 3 -- The World's Smartest Water Bottle

Our bodies are made of it and no one can survive without it, so it should be at the very top of our priority list, but it’s not, simply because we forget.

Hydration is an essential element in health and wellness, period. Every sip counts!

Water not only keeps us alive, it boosts energy, improves mood and cognitive function while also aiding in weight loss. It also provides a glowing complexion, combats headaches and increases performance. So why are 75% of Americans dehydrated?

Be quietly reminded throughout the day.

Now there is an incredible solution! HidrateSpark has created a habit changing smart water bottle that works alongside your cell phone through a free app that provides glowing reminders to keep your water intake on track.

Introducing the world’s smartest water bottle and the best gift for everyone in your life, including you. Right now get $10 off; use code GLOW2019 at checkout.

HidrateSpark is the leading smart water bottle brand and is powering research studies at world class hospitals like Mayo Clinic and Cleveland Clinic. Learn more about their mission, sustainability and exactly how HidrateSpark works here…

HidrateSpark 3 -- The World's Smartest Water Bottle

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