Wine and beer help you live longer; study

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Yes, you read that correctly! A recent study shows that drinking wine or beer in the right amounts play a role in living a longer life.

The findings.

A team of researchers discovered that those who consumed two glasses of of wine or beer per day had an 9-15 percent lesser chance of having a premature death than those who abstained from alcohol. In addition, those who exercised 15-45 minutes per day reduced early death by another 15-35 percent.

The details.

The study used data of 14,000 senior participants who were visited every six months to investigate what played a role of them living to age 90 and beyond. The research included everything from diet, exercise, health history, medications, in addition to a number of other factors. Neurological, cognitive and physical tests were also conducted.


The lesson.

It’s important to note here that moderation and balance is key. You can’t drink a whole bottle of wine everyday and have the same effect. Keep in mind, a glass of red wine in particular has been well documented with positive health benefits. While both consuming alcohol and exercise play a direct role in longevity, what has been learned here is doing both is even more beneficial.

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