10 Health and wellness trends to know for 2020

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The decade is about to come to an end with a fresh start of a brand new year right around the corner. So as we look forward into what’s on the horizon for us all and our health and wellness, these are the trends you should know about for 2020.

Nutrition and health

Did you know that we are only in the first 24 months of true research showing that we truly are what we eat? Food plays the biggest role in our health and longevity. It affects how our brain works as we age and how our body functions. What we eat matters, so pay attention to every food that will benefit your health.

Meatless plant-based diets

Even McDonald’s and Burger King are stepping up with the meatless burger trend. Plant-based burgers seriously resemble the look and taste of a hamburger, but are supposed to be better for our health. In addition, study after study shows eating a plant-based diet enables us to live longer, healthier lives. Keep your ears open on this one!


Less helicopter parenting

Years ago it was believed that parents should push their children to absolute limits with the goal of doing whatever it takes to get them to be successful. Now, the realization is what is best is to raise kind, independent kids who can become whatever it is they want to be.

Stress and health

Being busy has become an epidemic and there doesn’t seem to be any relief in sight. But pushing yourself to burning out and stressing out has a serious affect on your health. So moving into 2020 the trend is to be intentially less busy with more downtime. Rest your mind and body.

Sustainable packaging

Many states have finally taken on the plastic bag craze and it seems to be working, so the next step is getting companies to do the same thing. All of those packages that you buy that are not recyclable need to go and that is what our future will bring.

Aging healthy

There are countless anti-aging remedies with more continuing to come to light everyday. But the next decade will focus less on the outside in, and instead the inside out. Affecting your health and therefore how you age internally with what you put into your body will be more effective.

Keto will continue

Although I’m not a big believer in the Keto diet, it’s still going strong and is believed will grow over 1 billion followers over the next 4 years. So be aware, Keto doesn’t seem to be going anywhere anytime soon.

More healthy cleaner cereals

Slowly but surely those extremely unhealthy sugary cereals will be disappearing from the supermarket shelves, or at least less of them. Instead, healthier, cleaner whole food cereals will replace them.

Digital detoxing for mental health

This is another slow process that may start with limiting your digital time a few hours each day to even more as time progresses. Staring at a cell phone, Ipad or computer screen for endless hours is not good for your eyes, back or neck, but it’s detrimental to your brain. The new trend moving forward is less digital and becoming more present.

Back to basics

Health and wellness is not difficult to accomplish if you’re willing to go back to basics. We all know that eating whole foods, moving your body and being mindful of yourself and others are the only ways to live a long healthy life. This is the most important thing that we’re going to focus on in 2020 and beyond!

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