5 Winter beauty mistakes to avoid

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It’s wintertime, so it’s cold outside! With next to no humidity and extreme dry air, it’s extra important to change up your routine, especially to protect your skin. Here are 5 winter beauty mistakes you should avoid.

Using self-tanner.

We all could use a little color this time of year and there’s no better or healthier way to get it than to use a self-tanner. But don’t overdo it. Not only will your skin look unnatural, it will also dry you out extensively. If you want to have some extra glow, mix some self-tanner to your favorite unscented body lotion to add a little shimmer while moisturizing at the same time. My favorite is L’Oreal Sublime Bronzer; I use it all year round for natural looking color.

Leaving toenail polish on too long.

Especially in the winter, we have a tendency to paint our toenails and forget about them because we’re always cold and wearing socks. Pedicures also tend to be far and in between and our toenails are mostly neglected. When polish is left on too long, nails can become eroded, dry out and turn yellow. So make sure you don’t go any longer than three weeks between polish changes and moisturize your toes and feet often. Soften your rough, dry, calloused feet with a product that contains shea butter, Vitamin A, C, E and silk amino acids like Gold Bond; it’s wonderful!


Skipping sun protection.

Don’t be fooled for the colder weather when it comes to sun protection. You must apply SPF all year round, even in the winter time. It might be cold, but the sun is still capable of damaging your skin and drying it out even more. It may sound daunting to have to apply a sunscreen in the dead of winter, so make it easier on yourself by using a tinted moisturizer with SPF 20 like make favorite Neutrogena Healthy Skin Enhancer.

Overdoing facial treatments.

Quite often, when the days turn cold and dark, it feels like we have to overcompensate for all that sun we got throughout the rest of the year. Over applying facial products like retinol wrinkle treatments will actually do the opposite of what you want by drying you out. Instead, balance out your facial treatments consistently all year. Neutrogena Rapid Wrinkle Repair regenerates your skin from all the damage, use morning and night.

Taking long hot showers.

Nothing feels better than enjoying a relaxing long hot shower especially when it’s cold outside. But in the winter time it’s actually detrimental to your skin. The hot water dries you out while making it more difficult to moisturize when you step out of the shower. So keep your shower shorter and turn down the temperature. Most importantly, be sure to moisturize your skin everyday! After many dermatologist appointments, I found Cetaphil which is clinically proven, fragrance free, 24 hour hydration.

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